Jet Set Planet

Playing instrumental records from Thrift Stores since 2005.

We specialize in...

  • Exotica
  • Crime Jazz
  • Lounge and Cocktail music
  • Oven Mitt Organ
  • Ping-pong percussion
  • Bongos. Bossa Nova, and Latin tunes
  • European and American soundtracks
  • Jazz for swingers and soft-core sensualists
  • E-Z & Sleazy Listening
  • Heavy Syrup
  • Rock-Gone-Wrong
  • Juvenile Delinquent music
  • the Now Sound
  • Horkheimer
  • Moog
  • Songs of the Jet Set
  • the Schreee of 10,000 strings
  • Production Library
  • and Spy jazz

Join me, Glen Leslie, broadcasting from Studio 4 high atop the Bailey Building on Minneapolis' West Bank every Friday evening at 9pm, for 90-minutes of the best in the Higher-Than-Fi.

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Recent Playlists

4/19/2013 Jet Set Planet
4/12/2013 Jet Set Planet

Episode #401 – Carol Chaos joins to ask for cash – The Spring Pledge Drive Part 2!

4/5/2013 Jet Set Planet

Episode #400 – Luke Andrews from Temposphere comes down to beg for cash! It’s the Spring Pledge Drive – please support KFAI by calling 612-375-9030!

3/29/2013 Jet Set Planet

Episode #399 Carol Chaos selects the music while Glen suffers from Vertigo, nods off from the pills the Doc gave him, and basically pushes the buttons.
Includes a SuperSet from Lenny Dee and a Paul Horn LP from deep within the vinyl ripening chamber! Ripe, under-ripe or OVERRIPE. You decide!

3/22/2013 Jet Set Planet

Episode #398 Glen Returns and plays with Sharks, gambles on Montezuma’s Revenge, and rides the Kona Tide!

3/15/2013 Jet Set Planet

Episode #397 Mason Flies the Jet!

3/8/2013 Jet Set Planet



3/1/2013 Jet Set Planet

Episode #395. Glen brings you the meaning of life through the eyes of Geoff Love and His Orchestra, special guest star William Windom, and Don Tiki. Also making her debut on the program: Truus – Exotica Artist from L.A.

2/22/2013 Jet Set Planet

Episode #394 Jean Flies the Jet!

2/15/2013 Jet Set Planet

Episode #393 – Flying high on Luke’s Mai Tai’s

Friday, 9:00pm to 10:30pm
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